ICP-Source Spectrometer

State-of-the-Art Analytical Capability At Anamol

Anamol Laboratories Ltd. is pleased to announce the arrival of a new ICP-Source Spectrometer featuring additional parameters and improved ability to detect toxic elements.

Our present analytical instrumentation has served our customers well but with increasing knowledge about the relationship between minerals and health and an ongoing desire by Anamol Laboratories to serve our customers better, we have invested in state-of-the-art analytical technology. Our new Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Source Spectrometer has enabled us to develop new methods for the analysis of your samples.

The main benefits are:

  1. Ability to detect lower concentrations of the toxic elements;
  2. Additional elements;
  3. Improved precision and accuracy;
  4. More reliable operation.

Detection limits have been improved by a factor of 2x – 5x for all elements.

The following elements have been added to the method:

  1. Platinum,
  2. Tungsten,
  3. Zirconium,
  4. Iodine,
  5. Sulfur,
  6. Bismuth,
  7. Thallium and
  8. Palladium.
Appropriate additions have been made to the interpretation report for each of these elements.

Quality Control has been enhanced by linking protocols to known sources of error and by the addition of automated QC-Charting capabilities. Thus the analyst can detect problems and carry out any necessary corrections before the data leaves the laboratory.

Quality Assurance has been automated by the development of a computer program that places all results in a database and produces scheduled QA reports which are used to continuously improve the quality of our product.

The overall system is now more reliable and operates with less down-time. This, along with increased automation of the analytical procedure, will allow us to get your results to you in less time.


Lower Detection Limits, Automated QC and QA,
Additional Elements, More Reliable Operation

Microwave Technology Improves Hair Analysis

Before we can analyze the hair samples that you send us we must decompose the organic matter and put the minerals in solution. Because we are analyzing at the parts per billion level, even a single particle of dust can contaminate the sample!

Our previous method for this preparation required meticulous attention to ensure that contamination did not occur and to ensure adequate digestion of the samples. In spite of our best efforts we occasionally detected error in this procedure which necessitated a request for another sample. This was an embarrassment for us and an incomvenience for you and your client.

We have developed a new method of sample decomposition based on microwave technology. This method produces more consistent results with virtually no contamination. It is also more efficient, so we can get your results to you faster.

Electronic Sample Reception System; Urine Method,

Electronic Quality Documentation System

Our new electronic sample reception system will allow better tracking of samples and will allow us to locate your data more efficiently. The electronic quality documentation system is an important step in our quality system upgrading and will enable us to achieve the latest standards as defined by the ISO organization.

These are just a few of the exciting developments at Anamol Laboratories.


Hair analysis requires determinations of concentrations in the parts per million and parts per billion range . . .

1 ppm is one second in 11.5 days - 1 ppb is one second in 32 YEARS!

1 ppm is 1 drop in 50 litres - 1 ppb is 1 drop in 50,000 litres!

1 ppm is 1 step in the journey between Toronto and Montreal

1 ppb is 1 step on a journey around the world… 27 times!!

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