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Vitamin-Mineral Intake & Intelligence; a Macrolevel Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
Use of Hair Analysis for Evaluating Hg Intoxication of the Human Body A review
The Nutritional and Metabolic Effects of Boron in Humans and Animals
Symptomatic Treatment of Brain Tumor Patients with Sodium Selenite, Oxygen, & Other Measures
Selenium Supplementation Increases the Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Content of Human Breast Milk
Role of Adequate Dietary Ca Intake in the Prevention & Management of Salt-Sensitive Hypertension
Retention Times of Pb, Cd, Cu and Zn in Children's Blood
Premature Hair Graying & Bone Mineral Density
Possible Balance of Phosphorus Accumulations Among Bone, Cartillage, Artery, & Vein in Single Humans
Mercury in hair for a child population from Tarragona Province, Spain
Mercury from Maternal "Silver" Tooth Fillings in Sheep and Human Breast Milk
Mercury & Selenium Concentrations in Maternal & Neonatal Scalp Hair
Manganese Mineral Interaction in Brain
Low Level Aluminum Exposure and Childhood Motor Performance
Long-term zinc and iron supplementation in children of short stature
Longevity and selenium deficiency: evidence from the People's Republic of China
Lead and Copper Contamination of Soil from Industrial Activities and Firing Ranges
Justification for Providing Dietary Guidance for the Nutritional Intake of Boron
Importance of Boron Nutrition for Brain and Psychological Function
Heavy Metals in Human Hair and Teeth
Hair Fe content: possible marker to complement monitoring therapy of Fe deficiency in bowel disease
Hair concentrations of calcium, iron, and zinc in pregnant women and effects of supplementation
Hair and Serum Calcium, Iron, Copper, and Zinc Levels During Normal Pregnancy at Three Trimesters
Hair analysis of spastic children in Hong Kong
Exposure to Lead, A Potentially Hazardous Toxin: Paget's Disease of Bone
Elemental anomalies in hair as indicators of endocrinologic pathologies & deficiencies
Effect of Cadmium Body Burden on Immune Response of School Children
Effect of Altered Se & Vit E Nutritional Status on Learning & Memory of 3rd-Generation Rats
EDTA Chelation Therapy Does Not Selectively Increase Chromium Losses
EDTA Chelation Effects on Urinary Losses of Cd, Ca, Cr, Co, Cu, Pb, Mg and ZN
Dietary Zinc Intake of a Group of Long-Stay Mentally Handicapped Women
Correlation of Mercury and Selenium in the Human Kidney
Correlation of Mercury with Selenium in Human Hair at a Typical Mercury-Polluted Area in China
Copper and Zinc Status as a Risk Factor for lschemic Heart Disease
Contents of trace elements in the hair of aplastic anemia patients
Characterization of the Antiarrhythmic Effect of the Trace Element Zinc
Calcium and Magnesium content in hair as a predictor of disease in children
Boron Exposure from Consumer Products
Assessment of Copper and Zinc Status in Hair and Urine of Young Female Descendants of NIDDM Parents
Ascorbic acid prevents b-amyloid-induced intracellular calcium increase & cell death in PC12 cells
Antioxidants and fatty acids in the amelioration of rheumatoid arthritis and related disorders
Metabolic & Endocrine Effects of Metabolic Acidosis in Humans
Lactic Acidosis and Other Mitochondrial Disorders
Metabolic Acidosis and Thiamine Deficiency
Lactic Acidosis as a Result of Iron Deficiency
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