EDTA Chelation Therapy Does Not Selectively Increase Chromium Losses

helation therapy and supplemental Cr have both been shown to lead to improved blood glucose, lipids, and insulin activity. Chelation therapy leads to the removal of toxic as well as essential metals. To determine if chelation therapy leads to increased urinary Cr losses and altered Cr homeostasis, 2 groups of subjects (1 group that had undergone only 1 or no chelation therapy and 1 group in which all subjects had undergone at least 19 chelation sessions) were evaluated for differences in possible Cr homeostasis based on urinary Cr losses. There were no significant differences in urinary Cr losses between the two groups of subjects and there were no significant increases in urinary Cr losses resulting from chelation therapy. Increases in urinary Cr losses were strongly influenced by supplementation but not chelation therapy.

Abderson RA, Bryden NA, Waters R, Biol Trace Elem Res 1999;70:265-272